Remote Online Notarization

The process begins with an Email from the notary.  A PIN number will be rovided which the signer will use multiple times during the notary session. The signer should write this number down.   Now click on the continue button to begin the verification process. The next step is to enter in your personal information this includes:  full name, address, date of birth, the last four digits of your Social Security number, your email and your phone number. This information entered on the screen will be used by a third-party provider and the knowledge-based authentication process or KBA for short. A set of questions are created using the signers personal information, from their credit history, these questions can be things like past addresses, a car they owned or names of relatives. They are asked questions which a signer should know and be able to answer. The signer has two minutes to answer five questions. On the screen there is a clock in the lower right-hand corner of the screen indicating how much time is remaining to answer the questions.  In order to pass they must answer four out of the five questions correctly. if they do not they will be advised that they have failed and will be given five new questions to answer. If the signer fails again he/she will be locked out for 24 hours.  After you have passed the KBA you will be prompted to upload your identification for verification of its authenticity. You can upload either a passport, a driver’s license or government-issued ID.  Next load your ID.  You can take a picture using the camera on your laptop or computer, upload a pre saved picture on your computer or use your mobile device. It’s very important that the picture is very clear.  If I choose a mobile device, I’ll be given a QR code, scan the code with your phone.  If you have been to a restaurant lately and you scan a QR code on the table you get a link to their menu. This is the same type of process when you scan the QR code on the screen. It gives you a link to take a picture of the front and back of your driver’s license.  Once you have submitted the picture, the verification process begins. A picture of a puppy will appear to entertain us during the process. If you have an uncommon name, it may take a little longer to verify your ID. If you have a common name it should  take less than 1 minute.  If there are additional signers they would enter their pin number and go through the same process for verification.  You will then scroll down and click the ready button. Now the signer is in a waiting room,, the notary has not begun the session so you will wait to join. Once the notary starts the session, you will be prompted to join.  Once the session has ended the notary will ask the signer for payment which will be by PayPal, Square or Venmo.  Once the payment is received,  the notary will give the signer access to the document(s).